I promise it won’t be boring.

*          *          *

BY: Abby Ballard

Hi. My name’s Abby, and if you’re not 100% up to date with QYP, I’m part of this year’s executive team.

It’s splendid to meet you.

Just for your own information, QYP has been part of my life for the past three years. In 2016, I’m part of the brill media duo, I publish this website, and occasionally find myself on the radio doing my darn hardest to tell the WORLD how great this program is.

It’s a fun QYP life.

events in brisbane
Look at this! Back in my Parliament days.

But, there’s also another special thing that I have been working on.

You may have already heard whispers, but this is your confirmation (from me).

QYP is hosting a ball.

And, not just any *ball*.

Its official title is the: Inaugural Youth Governor’s Ball.

That may just sound like a bunch of fancy words joined together, but I can assure you it’s far more than that.

The Ball is more than an opportunity to look glamorous and enjoy a night out (although, that will be fab), but an event to celebrate the enormous gap between youth and government that QYP has bridged.

It is an event to showcase the work of Youth Members from the past 21 years; how they have changed their state and shaped a greater future for Queensland.

events in brisbane

But, the purpose of the Ball also exceeds celebrating the remarkable work of QYP. We seek to recognise that QYP plays an integral role in connecting other young people, including those outside the program, to the government, business figures, and community leaders. The Ball is an opportunity we are creating for young people all over the state (and even interstate if you want!) to meet and network with those who are leading the way in Queensland.

In essence; QYP is now broader than our original program. We are working to bridge the gap between all the youth in our state, and individuals and groups making the big decisions.

Let’s just call us, The QYP Bridge.

So, if you’re part of a youth organisation and interested in meeting MPs/business/community leaders to talk more about your work, then the Ball is perfect for you. If you’re a leader in your community – however big or small – and want to connect with young people, guess what? The Ball is perfect for you, as well. If you simply want to have a good old time, the Ball will be a blast.

Everybody wins.

events in brisbane
This is me and one of my best QYP pals, Jess.

There’s also another thing.

QYP isn’t run to make a profit.

That’s far from the case.

To ensure our program runs every year, from flying participants down from the Torres Strait to getting over 100 of us to Parliament for a week, we rely on kind donations, sponsorships and funding from the Queensland government.

Every little bit counts. Literally.

So, when you purchase a ticket and attend the Ball, your money isn’t being wasted. Your ticket sales will be reinvested into our program, ensuring that every young person – no matter their race, religion, gender, sexuality, ability, socioeconomic status or location – has a voice in our state.

At the heart of our program is the inherent belief that every person has a voice, and all those people should have the opportunity to use it.

We made this fancy video about how important youth are in our national conversation. (Post continues after video.)

This Ball not only can provide you with that bridge between government, business, and community leaders, but your attendance guarantees QYP can keep going.

It can continue in its role of influencing the Queensland government, and just hoping that tomorrow will be more extraordinary than today.

So, if you’re not doing anything on the 29th October at 7 pm, go to this website right here, and purchase yourself a ticket.

In fact, why not message your friends and get them to join you (because I know it’s super awkward going somewhere if you don’t know anyone). If your friends are busy, then I promise to wear a funny hat and we can instantly bond over that.

If you’ve never been part of QYP before, then don’t let that put you off either. This is your chance just to meet people, be part of something great, and maybe even meet some Very Important People (we can’t tell you yet, though).

Join me. Plus all the other marvellous people who are attending.

I solemnly swear that it will be worth it.

I honestly can’t wait to see you.


P.P.S. If you have any other questions about the ball, please just drop us a line here: Youthgovballenquiries@gmail.com